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广西学位英语课文翻译:Unit Two
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01 Para. 1 There are many reasons why someone leaves his or her homeland to live in another country. = 人们远离家乡,侨居国外的原因很多。

02 For some, the decision is economic; they believe that they may have better opportunities to make more money in another place. = 对一些人来说,是出于经济上的考虑。他们觉得,在别的地方会有更多赚钱机会。

03 For others, the motivation is adventure, wanting to try something very different in life. = 对另一些人来说,是出于冒险,想尝试别样的生活。

04 Still others immigrate to a new country because they think that the values of that country might better suit their own ideals. = 还有一些人移居国外是因为他们认为,那里的价值观与他们的理想比较吻合。

05 Para. 2 People who emigrate for financial reasons are often misguided. = 那些出于经济原因移民的人常被误导。

06 They may have heard fanciful stories of untold riches, but it is seldom so easy. = 他们可能听说过无数发财致富的故事,但情况绝非如此简单。

07 If it were, the people in the country to which they wanted to move would all be earning multimillions. = 要果真如此,他们要去的那个国家的人早就赚了几百万了。

08 People who immigrate to a new country should expect to work hard, probably much harder than they would have had to work in their home country. = 移民到国外的人通常要辛苦工作,可能要比在国内辛苦得多。

09 Para. 3 In some cases, people have had little or no choice of whether or not to emigrate. = 有时候,人们对该不该移民基本没有多少主动权。

10 During the Irish potato famine, for example, millions of impoverished and destitute Irish saw emigration as an option or staying on the brink of starvation and death at home. = 例如,在爱尔兰饥荒期间,数百万爱尔兰人把移民看成是去国外(生存)还是在家里等死的选择。

11 Most made difficult and dangerous boat trips to America, where they were generally hired to do dirty work at rates much lower than other Americans. = 大部分人一路艰辛,冒着危险来到美国,干着最脏的活,拿着比其他美国人低得多的工资。

12 Such discrimination and poor treatment of immigrants is an all too common story throughout history. = 移民遭受的此类歧视和不公正,在历史上早已司空见惯。

13 Para. 4 Also, many immigrants may find that their skills are not appreciated. = 而且,许多移民发现他们的技艺得不到认可。

14 Many doctors, lawyers, and engineers from countries such as Vietnam or Pakistan have found that once they leave their homeland, their credentials are worthless. = 许多越南或巴基斯坦的医生、律师、工程师发现,一旦离开祖国,他们的资历就一钱不值。

15 They simply did not meet the standards of the new country. = 他们达不到移民国家设定的标准。

16 Subsequently, they wind up sweeping floors or working as night watchmen at the same kinds of offices they might once have filled. = 于是,他们不得不以打扫办公室或值夜班为生, 而他们在移民前就可能在这样的办公室工作。

17 The feeling of being a second-class citizen is both insulting and depressing. = 这种二等公民的感觉既屈辱又让人压抑。

18 Para. 5 Others may find that their language skills (or lack of it) stop them from being accepted both in the workplace and socially. = 还有一些人可能发现,语言能力使得他们既不好找工作又不被社会认可。

19 People who move to another country as a sense of adventure might not care about this, but time spent learning a new language to become bilingual will probably take away time they could spend earning enough to live a decent life. = 那些出于冒险移居国外的人对此不以为然,但学一门新的语言要占用他们为过上好生活挣钱的时间。

20 Too often, immigrants to a multicultural country may feel out of place and end up in a small community of their fellow immigrants and fail to embrace the opportunities and advantages of their new homeland.= 我们常常见到,移居到多元文化国家里的移民们找不到自己的位置,最终总是在自己老乡圈里活动,并未充分抓住新的机会和有利条件。

21 Para. 6 People may not like conditions in their own country and decide to leave. = 人们可能因为不喜欢自己国家的条件而决定离开。

22 During the Vietnam War, thousands of young American men left their country to move to Canada, hoping to avoid serving in what they viewed as a senseless conflict. = 美国越战期间,数以万计的年轻人离开美国去加拿大,以逃避去为一场毫无意义的战争当炮灰。

23 These men cut themselves off from friends and family, unable to return to their homeland. = 这些人与朋友、家人中断联系,不能回归祖国。

24 Para. 7 People who immigrate often do so in the hope of a better future for their children and a higher standard of living. = 人们移民总是期望为孩子们营造更好的将来,过上更好的生活。

25 But, too often,the sacrifices of the parents are not really appreciated by the children who grow up pampered in a new society. = 然而新环境中的孩子们在父母的娇宠中长大,结果往往是父母做出的牺牲并没有得到子女的感恩。

26 Para. 8 Still, despite all the obstacles, people do immigrate, especiaily to growing nations such as Australia, Canada, and the United States. = 但是,人们仍然克服重重困难移民国外,尤其是去那些经济增长快的国家,如澳大利亚、加拿大和美国。

27 Throughout their short histories, these countries have been built by waves of immigration of farmers, factory workers, and trades people who escaped starvation or war in their respective homelands. = 这些国家历史不长,但正是靠那些为逃避祖国的灾荒或战乱而背井离乡的一批批农民、工人和商人建设起来的。

28 A few, within a generation or two, became prosperous beyond their wildest dreams. = 其中少数移民,通过一两代人的努力,实现了自己梦寐以求的飞黄腾达。

29 Many countries continue to depend on immigrant labor to bring in workers not just for menial jobs, but also for new ideas and high-tech skills. = 许多国家仍然依靠移民从事体力劳动,同时需要移民带来新的观念和高科技。

30 Indian computer programmers, for example, a're in great demand around the world. = 例如印度软件编程员在世界各地颇受欢迎。

31 Para. 9 Immigration often raises concerns in the country that immigrants hope to make their new homes. = 移民满怀希望在落户地开创新家园常常引起人们的担忧。

32 There are often insecure feelings over jobs, with some thinking so that each new immigrant encroaches on the wealth shared by those already there. = 本地人担心新移民会抢走一部分工作,瓜分已有的财产。

33 But immigrants often bring great wealth into a country, making it more productive and acting as consumers for goods and services. = 但移民通常会创造新的财富,促进生产力,刺激消费。

34 Para 10 Similarly, people may find a new wave of immigrants too foreign, not sharing in the same societal values, ideals, and customs as others in the new homeland. = 同时,人们会因为彼此的价值观、理想和习俗不同而觉得陌生。

35 But these things quickly change with compromise and discoveries of delight on both sides. = 但随着双方的调和和理解的加深,这种情形很快得到了改观。

36 At the beginning of the Indian immigration in England, people found their food shockingly odd; it was so different from the traditional bland British diet. = 在大量印度人移民到英格兰的初期,英国人觉得印度人的食物口味是那样的独特,与清淡的英国口味有天壤之别。

37 But today, Indian food has surpassed even the traditional British fish and chips as the most popular cuisine in Britain. = 可是在今天,印度食品卖得比英国传统食品——炸鱼和炸薯条还好,成为在英国最受欢迎的食品。

38 Para. 11 For whatever reason a person immigrates, he takes to his new country something more valuable than skills or a willingness to work --- courage. = 不论一个人出于什么原因移民,都会给新的国家带来比手艺和工作热情更重要的东西:勇气。

39 It takes great courage for someone to take the initiative to make the difficult decision to leave the familiar behind and embark on a new life and to carve out a new future for themselves and their family. = 要离开熟知的环境去开始全新的生活,为自己和家人打拼崭新的将来,这需要何等的勇气!

40 Such courage among its citizens is a lasting benefit to any country. = 这种勇气对任何国家都是永恒的财富.


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